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Stop What You Are Doing and Watch Joshua Jackson Ride a Horse and Wear a Cowboy Hat on The Affair


HOLD THE FORT! The sexiest man alive is riding horses. This combination is all my dreams come true - there can never be enough of him riding horses (I know, I know, we already have a few films where he’s riding). But this has made my weekend and I have been hoping for this.


measurementoftheobserver asked:

The lady is Aisha Tyler. She's on Who's Line Is It Anyway and a million other things like Archer on FX. For a Fringe tie in she's in the HBO pilot that Anna Torv is in, Open. She's written a book and will executive produce a show based on it. Famous gamer too. I could go on and on.

First, Hi!

Thanx. Now I recognize her. From “Whose Line”. Cool Fringey tie in. Sounds like an all around cool lady. Again, Hi and thanx.


Misha Collins TV Guide panel!

I don’t recognize the lady, but I’d like to know who she is and where she’s from. But Misha and John sitting next to each other! *SQUEE*


Remember the book young Olivia was reading in 3.15 Subject 13?


It’s about a man named Peter Lake… who thinks he lives at the bottom of a lake (at least that’s what I remember from the book). Sound familiar?


The book is “Winter’s Tale by Mark Helprin… about a man in love… who will be…

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